July 18, 2014

Jimmy Cliff performs at the Hollywood Bowl July 20

The magnetic Jimmy Cliff performs this Sunday, July 20, in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl’s 13th annual Reggae Night.

See his captivating performance in the groundbreaking 1972 The Harder They Come, available now for stream and download.  (Use the promo code IVANISEVERYWHERE for a limited time discount!)

July 12, 2014
…put on the headphones and marvel again at “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.” This is not just a good performance, nor even a great one. It is a MAGNIFICENT tour-de-force. From the unforgettable intro through to the crescendo finale, here are artist (Tommy), producers (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) and composer/arranger (Burt Bacharach), all at the collective height of their powers, producing a masterpiece.
Steve Armitage, in his essay to the Tommy Hunt compilation The Biggest Man
July 11, 2014

the-last-gang-in-townPhoto polaroid for hair and wardrobe test for Mystery Train

(via soul-girl)

July 10, 2014